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Think Different: Apple epicness




What we will be seeing at the Super Bowl 2013


Take a look at 5 of the most-shared 2013 Super Bowl Ads… which one is your favourite?

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Ad Age Agency A-List 2013


Who is doing what in advertising? Which agencies are leading the industry ? One more year Ad Age brings us its top 10 of the best performing agencies of the year to honor creativity, innovation and, of course, big ideas. Check out which agencies we must follow closely this 2013 and some of their work.

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Be yourself


Already Wednesday, weekend is almost hereā€¦ you can start relaxing. So take 7 minutes off and watch this new Coca-Cola video produced by Ridley Scott… completely worth the time!

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Why so serious: about the transmedia storytelling

What it is?

Difficult words, easy explanation. The transmedia storytelling is simply the fact of telling an history through different media. Thanks to new technologies and the interaction the make possible between consumers and consumers and brands, this last ones can ask their audiences to react, to interact with them, under the cover of a alternate reality experience.

THE example


The biggest and most succesful example of this advertising concept is, no doubt, the campaign made by 42entertainment (Pasadena) for the release of the Christopher Nolan movie “Batman, The Dark Knight”.

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Polanski for Prada


The latest Roman Polanski’s short for the haut-couture brand Prada featuring Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter. Love it!

Information is power

I was just surfing on the internet this morning when I had a crush on a new print campaign: JWT Buenos Aires for Mercado Business Magazine. Good concept: economic and political realities are changing. Things are not always what they look like. And so we need to be informed to be able to understand reality around us and make the right choices, especially into the business world. Amazing creative work (3D illustration).

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Le Moustache’s power

After a pretty long time without posting I want to share with you a quite special campaign. Special because it perfectly combines entertainment and public awareness.

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Art and Fashion

If you live in the U.K. and you like fashion and illustration, tomorrow is your day. Because to celebrate the launch of his Spring/Summer 2012 campaign, Ted Baker has decided to created a in-store event around the country.

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Starbucks/London/14 March – Free Latte!

Starbucks wants to get to know their clients. Not as users but as individuals. And what a better way to do that than inviting them to try for free its new Tall latte (extra shot of espresso)? The date: London – 14 March 2012

Advertiser: Starbucks Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO London
Director: Adam Bolt and Hoku Uchimaya Country: United Kingdom

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