Why so serious: about the transmedia storytelling

What it is?

Difficult words, easy explanation. The transmedia storytelling is simply the fact of telling an history through different media. Thanks to new technologies and the interaction the make possible between consumers and consumers and brands, this last ones can ask their audiences to react, to interact with them, under the cover of a alternate reality experience.

THE example


The biggest and most succesful example of this advertising concept is, no doubt, the campaign made by 42entertainment (Pasadena) for the release of the Christopher Nolan movie “Batman, The Dark Knight”.

The inmense campaign, that started in the Comic Con of 2007 in San Diego was followed by the launched of a web http://www.whysoserious.com and, then, around 30 more of them. Each one of extremely diverse content, all of them encouraging fans of all over the world to participate in a alternate reality experience, finding clues on and off line.

The results were as amazing as the campaign itself: 1o millions of participants in 75 different countries during one entire year (until the realease of the film in july 2008).

Well desserve the Cyber Lion they won in 2009! Watch the video:

Why go for it

It’s a unique way for brands to get along with its public quotidien life, an extremely personal contact, gettint to be a real part of their lifes, creating conversation between clients.

The disadvantages

First of all, this kind of campaign requires a huge money investment. It is necessary to be in several supports during a long time which costs money, time and human efforts.

Besides, this kind of campaign remains only available for those brands who counts with a very strong image and personality and, specially, loyal clients.

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