Brad Pitt: new image for Channel nº5


Where can we start? I can personally say I was pretty excited about the announcement of Brad Pitt as the new face of Channel nº5, one of the most famous parfums of the history. Channel announced in may 2012 its new advertising campaign starring (wait-for-it) Brad Pitt! Yes, one of the sexiest man on Earth would finally become the first male face of the brand…. big deal!

Counting with old experiences and the souvenir of old campaigns (yes! you can see the videos here) such as the one with Nicole Kidman (we all remember that “A kiss, a smile, a perfume…”), a lot of us were expecting something huge.

Instead we barely understand a thing. See it yourself and, in case you have some idea about the reason-why of the different and apparentyly unconnected scenes, please leave a comment! We feel eager to discover what’s the message behind this spot! For the moment the only thing we can confirm is that Brad Pitt feels pretty satisfied about his work with Channel. Maybe it has something to do with the 7 million dollars he has been paid for being the image of the brand…

Some people think we all have a favourite Chanel nº5 spot… which one is yours? Here I leave you mine, “Le Loup” starring Estella Warren in 1998:

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