Information is power

I was just surfing on the internet this morning when I had a crush on a new print campaign: JWT Buenos Aires for Mercado Business Magazine. Good concept: economic and political realities are changing. Things are not always what they look like. And so we need to be informed to be able to understand reality around us and make the right choices, especially into the business world. Amazing creative work (3D illustration).

China – India Flag/EEUU – China Flag/United Kingdom – Brazil Flag

Advertising Agency: JWT Buenos Aires Art Director: Fernando Zagales
Creative Director: Ariel Abadi Copywriter: Juan Mesz

Leaders: Hu Jintao and Chavez

And so I kept looking for more of the work that JWT Argentina has made for Mercado and found two other very interesting campaigns: Leaders and Luck . The concept is still the same: “The world is a difficult place to understand”. You need real information in time to be able to understand the reasons and consequences of what happened around you and act in consequence of it. In the first campaign, JWT represents some of the great contradictions in this world by exposing its authors; in this case, Hu Jintao and Chavez. JWT won the Bronze Lion in the category of Publications & Media in 2011.

The second campaign from 2009 focus on the need of being informed to make decisions. And so I think the way they illustrated it is as genius as its two following works.

Roulette, Lottery, Dice

At last, I really liked this campaign, also for Mercado Magazine, which I think introduces fun in a quite serious market, especially in the crisis situation we are going through:

“What you say can make you more attractive”

You can check all the images here:

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