Advertising re-imagined

This year is the 18th anniversary of digital advertising. To celebrate it, Google has set up the Project Re:Brief.

The aim of this initiative is to check is whether the same ideas that marked the advertising industry’s course in its beginnings could inspire a new generation of creatives.

To do this, Google has chosen four of the most important advertising campaigns in history launched in the sixties and seventies in the US by Coca-Cola, Avis, Volvo and Alka-Seltzer.

These campaigns will be re-imagined for the digital age by their original developers who will work with a group of young creatives.


We try harder (Avis – 1962) / Paula Green, copywriter


Hilltop (Coca-Cola – 1971) / Harvey Gabor, art director


I can’t believe I ate the whole thing (Alka-Seltzer – 1972) / Bob Pasqualina and Howie Cohen


Drive it like you hate it (Volvo – 1962) / Amil Gargano, art director

Such an excellent way to celebrate the possibilities offered by digital advertising, we look forward to the results of the project!

You can find more information about it here:


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