Bravo Electronic Theatre!

Electronic Theatre Collective is the new visual effects company located in London’s Soho and created in September 2011. Its story: four ex alumni from The Mill set up a small business. Lee Pavey, James Sindle, Giles Cheetham and Dan Stanhope Marum decided to create their own company, based  in their compositing expertise, dedication to detail and creative intelligence. The difference? A personal passion for ideas than “borders on obsession”.

One of the best proofs of their talent is “Thanks Airbag”, their TV commercial for Mercedes.

Attention to detail is palpable here; they spent days going through crash-test footage to deeply understand the concept they wanted to transmit.

In only four months they have introduced themselves to old clients and won very important ones such as BT, Mercedes and O2.  “People are really responding to our work” says Lee Pavey.

So just… Bravo!

You can know more about their work visiting their webpage


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